I moved to London in the Summer of 2013 and it has been one unbelievable adventure so far. In this time I have successfully, landed a job, a place to live, travelled extensively, danced bar-top, eaten in Michelin star restaurants, met my dream man and became a wife.

London is the perfect home for those with a desire to travel. Its proximity to the delights of Europe mean Escargot in Paris is only a train stop away. London itself is immense and varied, each neighborhood is unique; from the hipster bars and street art of Shoreditch to the posh pubs and green spaces of Hampstead.  Travel a few tube stops and it can feel like you are travelling internationally.

The Good(den) life is one that evolves around food and travel. My husband and I share a love of the edible and an appreciation for all cuisines. The London food scene is vast and inspiring, our weekends are spent scoping out new restaurants, bars and markets to indulge in. The culinary creations are often almost too beautiful to eat, so I started taking photos of them (and ate them afterwards of course!)

And so, The Goodden Life was born, a place to share my love of food, photography and travel!

The Goodden Life features a number of foodie treats that I have either bought myself or received as samples. These products will only make it to the blog if I love them and am passionate about sharing them with you. 

I occasionally feature sponsored content on the blog, if so it will always be clearly stated so and rest assured that all opinions are completely my own(although sometimes I'll let Mr Goodden's have a say too!)

If you have any questions, restaurants you would like to recommend to review, any recipes I should try or simply want to say hi, please feel free to drop me an email at chrystall@thegooddenlife.co.uk, I would love to hear from you! 









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