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Product Love - Simply Ice Cream

Product Love - Simply Ice Cream

As a food-loving Londoner with a passion for eating, I’m often asked if there is anything I don’t eat…the answer is quite simply; no. Calves Brains at Hereford Road or Chicken Feet at Yauatcha, I will try it and more than likely I will love it! The more interesting question is generally what is my favourite dish? What can’t I live without? The answer is quite simply; ice cream. 


There is never a bad time for ice cream, breakfast in the morning or desert at night, at anytime of year and for any occasion. Ice cream has helped me through some seriously tear-jerking chick-flicks and been the cherry on top of many celebratory meals. While I have had a long relationship with two sweet guys, Ben and Jerry, I am always hunting for something special, the best British ice cream. Very recently, in a little place in Kent, I found it; Simply Ice cream. 

Without trying to make you drool all down your front, Simply Ice Cream is the most decadent, creamy and luxurious ice cream I have ever tried (and I have tried A LOT of ice cream). Their ice cream is lovingly handmade in Kent using natural, local ingredients (go ahead and indulge, guilt-free by the tubful, all in the name of supporting local businesses!) 


They have a list of ice cream and sorbet flavours as long as your arm and they are updating all the time, in keeping with the changing seasons. The typical players such as Vanilla, Chocolate and Salted Caramel are all there but they also spoil us with some unique offerings such as Lemon Curd, Coffee and Kentish Cobnut Fudge or Toffee Waffle Hazelnut (try and say that three times quickly). However the shining star of the Simply Ice Cream family is the Heavenly Honeycomb Crunch, a Great Taste Gold Three Star Award (aka the ‘Oscars’ of the food world). 


I will be serving my Simply Ice cream atop some fluffy Sunday Morning pancakes, sandwiched between cookies for a super sweet afternoon treat, atop a warm just-baked crumble or simply, all on its own!


You can find Simply Ice cream at selected Waitrose Supermarkets, farm shops and delis. Please click here to check their website to find your closest stockist. 

If you think there is any other ice cream or other great British products I must try, please let me know your foodie finds! 

Mama Lan - Brixton, London

Mama Lan - Brixton, London

Store Love - The Fine Food Forager

Store Love - The Fine Food Forager