My name is Chrystall Goodden.

I am a London based Food Photographer,  Foodie and Travel Lover.

I am living The Goodden Life and want to share it with you.

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Store Love - The Fine Food Forager

Store Love - The Fine Food Forager


‘People who love to eat are always the best people’ Julia Childs


Throughout my life I have unintentionally surrounded myself with lovers of food. My parents love dining out, my best friends are all great cooks, I even married a trained chef! Sharing stories of great new London pop-ups to try, discussing exciting foreign ingredients found on recent travels, all while enjoying a meal, is my idea of happiness. Through writing this blog I am so lucky to have met a load of like-minded foodies (like you!) who also love to share their stories and finds, so I am going to share one of my finds with you!


The Fine Food Forager team of passionate foodies are determined to connect food lovers with food makers. They stock a high quality range of foodie products with a focus on natural, premium ingredients from the UK and abroad. You will find exclusive products that can be found nowhere else in the UK; delicious jams, caramels, vinegars, a range of alcohol-free sparkling drinks and some exceptional varieties of tea. 


The Le Benefique herbal teas are special to say the least. The organic wild plants used in the Sultan Herbal teas are hand-picked in Turkey. To put it simply, it is an experience that overwhelms the senses. The stems themselves are beautiful to look at and when plunged into hot water, they open up and come to life. After a 3-4 minute brew the aroma of either linden tree, sage, lavender or lavender flowers fills the air. The flavours are gentle and not at all overpowering so very easy to drink, each with its own extensive list of health benefits. This is a tea that impresses on all levels, serve it in a clear teacup to your friends or enjoy it alone and give yourself a little hug in a mug…go on! 


While I am a big fan of a comforting cup of tea, most people know me as more of an enthusiast of the bubbly, alcoholic variety of beverages. A sunny, Summer London day demands something fresh and bubbly in the garden however, this isn’t always appropriate at midday on a Monday. For these occasions; cue guilt-free day-drinking in the sun with the artisan drinks by Pomaceo. These sparkling, non-alcoholic drinks contain only premium quality fruit that is grown, picked and pressed in France. While the bottles suggest otherwise, please do not mistake these beverages for trying to be a bottle of champagne. These drinks do not taste like sparkling wine and they aren’t trying too. These are Great Taste Award winning sweet, sparkling and refreshing drinks infused with flavours of apple, elderflower, hibiscus and vanilla, perfect for sunshine sipping!


To learn more about The Fine Food Forager, take a look at their website or their online store.


If you have any foodie finds you wish to share, I would love to hear about it! 

Product Love - Simply Ice Cream

Product Love - Simply Ice Cream

Maltby Street Market - Bermondsey, London

Maltby Street Market - Bermondsey, London